Thursday, March 1, 2007

In the News

So what if he didn't score well on his Wonderlic test, at least Troy Smith proved himself in the title game...oh wait. Just wondering about Wonderlic

One positive about this year's Tribe: At least Wedge isn't platooning the pitching staff. Rotation a no-stress decision for Wedge

LeBron apparently doesn't listen to critics (add that to the list of things he doesn't do...along with practicing his free throws or wearing protection...We kid LeBron). Mavs, Nowitzki a big benchmark for Cavs

Seriously, what is Thad Matta paying his recruits? Babbitt rounds out Buckeyes' 2008 class

Droughns might be running slowly somewhere else. Browns weigh who'll run ball


Anonymous said...

The Buckeye recruiting class link is jacked up. Want to read about it. Please do follow up.

-Diebler's Dad

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