Monday, February 26, 2007

Syracuse Wins National Title in February!!!

Syracuse, N.Y. - Well folks, the college basketball season is finally over, and the Syracuse Orange have won another national championship under coach Jim Boeheim after defeating Georgetown 72-58 this evening... wait no they haven't. In fact, all they did this evening was win a conference game, which will probably get them into the tournament yet again (Doesn't it seem like every year 'Cuse gets in on some miracle game and then gets beat by some school who doesn't even belong in the tournament?). However, if you were as unfortunate as I was, and had nothing else to do besides watch all 40 minutes of this game, (plus the deleted scenes bonus feature that they showed at the end by subbing in every big white guy who never plays) you got to watch a team that isn't very good go ahead and act as if they had just cured cancer right there at center court.
Gotta love Eric Devendorf, who has emerged as a pretty solid point guard in his sophomore year...well, that is when he isn't turning the ball over at a Jason Williams from the Sacramento years pace. Special thanks to the camera crew at ESPN, who never fail to zoom in on this guy screaming out profanities and getting overly excited after every made basket (If you happened to tune in, you would have seen him get his shot blocked badly, then get shown up by the guy who blocked the shot... and then in retalliation he purposely threw an inbounds pass off the guy's back who had blocked his shot, then recovered the ball, and threw it away immediately. You can't dislike a guy who will go to such drastic lengths to keep his "Street Cred" up in the middle of a game). Couldn't you picture this guy hanging out with K-Fed, Vanilla Ice, Eminem and other similar "White guys who wanna be gangstas" on the weekends? Congratulations are certainly in order for Towson St., or whatever other miserable team might supposedly upset the average-at-best Orange in a few weeks come tourny-time.
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G-Mac said...

I was wayyyyy better!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, someone can't take the criticism.

Tim Rychel said...

Devo is a punk, rushing the court was obviously quite lame, even though it is Syracuse's biggest rivalry. However, it is hard to blame the fans for anything they do at those games, because The Carrier Dome is one of the only collegiate stadiums to serve beer to their patrons (including the student section). In the past two years syracuse has worn themselves out with amazing runs in the big east tournament. (remember G-Mac's run last year hitting game winners in consecutive games?) This has prohibited them from playing at their best in the NCAA's. But come on BSmith, if Syracuse is capable of playing that well against possibly the best team in the nation over the last month, why couldn't they win a game or two in the tourny? They will end up being in the top four in the big east, that means they deserve to be in.

BSmith said...

Mr. Rychel,
Obviously there is a solid reason why I did actually watch that entire game...and that would be that I am a big fan of Syracuse Basketball. Believe it or not, Devo is actually one of my favorite players, and last years run in the Big East Tourny was fantastic for any sports fan to watch. As you may have noticed from my previous writing, I tend to knock the hardest on the teams that I am the most fond of, call it inherent negativity if you will. I was not aware of the fact that the carrier dome does allow serving of alcohol, thanks for the insight...that certainly explains a lot about what we saw last night. Certainly I feel that Syracuse belongs in the tournament, especially after beating Georgetown (although the 2-3 certainly seemed to have them puzzled throughout this game). My only skepticism lies in the fact that I continually pick them as one of my sleepers in the tourny and they never pan out. Hopefully this year will be different. Thanks again for the comment.

King Nick said...

Forgot about Devo, how come no one is talkin about Demetris Nichols. By far the best player on Cuse's team and the reason why they are any good at all this year.

Tim Rychel said...

by the way, thanks for writing the column. I don't see it appealing to anyone other than myself, but as the most frequent visitor of Cursed Cleveland, I probably deserve it.

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