Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Jason Grimsley Witch Hunt Continues

ORLANDO, FL - Jason Grimsley just wants to be left alone. The former Indians relief pitcher spent an entire career toiling in relative obscurity and now it seems he can’t get back there fast enough. According to ESPN, Grimsley is once again the target of another BALCO-induced federal probe.

Among the athletes reportedly on the customer list are former major league pitcher Jason Grimsley, according to the Times Union. The 15-year veteran was suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball in June after his name was linked to a federal drug probe.

We're not sure how this new information bodes for Grimsley's Hall of Fame chances; he'd probably have a better chance getting elected by the veterans committee at this point. If Albert Belle wasn't so busy developing an undetectable global positioning unit for the purpose of stalking his ex-girlfriend, he might be able to finally repay Grimsley for his little corked-bat favor. Either way, it's about time the feds left him and his jars of human growth hormone alone for a little while.


King Nick said...

What, did Grimsley take steroids that make you a bad baseball player? Performace decreasing drugs? He walked in and was like "Let me get some of those steriods that you make you a below average pitcher for the rest of your career." Turns out that they have these same drugs that make you a bad poker player. JGarver is a big subscriber to them.

Steve Olin and Tim Crews said...

And here we thought we would be the only obscure Tribe relievers instantly become household names for all the wrong reasons.

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