Thursday, March 1, 2007

Future Browns??

As most of you probably already know, there have been some big name players released in the past day or two. Headlining this list are players like Joey Porter, Fred "Party Boat" Smoot, Jamal Lewis and Joe Horn (If we were playing a Madden Franchise, I certainly wouldn't want any of these guys due to the fact that they are way too old, but thankfully I'm not in Phil Savage's shoes). Let's take a closer look at these "Bsmith's Most Hated" players:

Joey Porter - I have hated this guy more than anyone in football for years now, for reasons such as his fight with Willie Green (which wasn't actually scored by judges, but he clearly landed more punches), his badmouthing of K2, and his uncanny ability to sound uneducated in every interview. However, slap him in a Browns uniform and I'll certainly change my tune. He is a dominating presence at OLB, and would instantly transform this linebacking group into a major defensive strength (Although I'm not sure he'd want to shower with Kellen Winslow after he publicly called him a term that we don't condone....lying of course). Rumors have been circulating that if he doesn't get signed by a contender, Porter will start a blog with Tim Hardaway outlining all of the "Gay" players that they hate in professional sports.
Fred Smoot - The only reason I don't like this guy is because my fellow writer Jeremy G has been all over his nuts for the past few seasons. He is a solid NFL corner, and adding him would certainly make our secondary stronger. My only concerns are whether or not the Good Time III hosts illegal stripper parties, and if so whether he'd extend an invitation to his buddies at
Jamal Lewis - Yea so he was indicted on drug charges, served time in jail, and has never been the same since returning to the field. I haven't ever liked this guy, he's set records against the Browns, and certainly don't want another slow running back (a la Reuben Droughns) fact he shouldn't even be on this list and I'm done writing about him.
Joe Horn - This guy has been a solid receiver in this league for years, however injuries kept him out of some games last year, he's nearing 50 of age, and is clearly declining in he shouldn't be on this list either. Hopefully a division rival picks him up and he makes me sound extremely stupid for doubting him.
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jeremy g said...

The only reason you hate my boy "Party Boat" is b/c he averages about 3 pick 6's a game against you in madden. The only player that has pick 6'd you more is Vince "shutdown nosetackle" Wilfork.

King Nick said...

I hope Joey Porter contracts gonorrhea and rots in hell.

King Nick said...

I also would snag Joe Horn in my Madden Franchise cause of his speed.

King Nick said...

By the way, guess who had GT over UNC last night? Hop aboard the winning train while its still runnin boys.

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