Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the News

LeBron hasn't decided yet if he wants to win a bronze medal this summer. LeBron undecided on FIBA games

Guys that hit 13 homers and 39 RBI's are lining up in droves to come to Cleveland. Team's good reputation sold Dellucci

Another nailbiter? LeBron is expecting a son

More info on the Akron Zips than you'll ever need (And this is only the first installment of a three-part series!) Changing basketball in Akron

The good news: Browns have $30 million to spend. The bad news: So does everyone else. Browns target few free agents

You can play two sports at OSU, just as long as academics don't become a distraction. Double Duty?


Anonymous said...

How many kids do you think LeBron has that we don't know about?

Shawn Kemp said...

Wayyy less than me.

Andy Reid said...

What's wrong with having kids? It's truly gratifying as you watch them grow up to lead successful lives.

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