Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where have the Cavs gone?

Indiana - Tonight the Cavs decided to take the 1st 46 minutes of the basketball game off and in the end were bitten by a ref that didn't get enough attention as a kid. LeBron had about the worst 47, 7 and 4 (on 12-21 shooting) game that a player could ever have. He had 7 well deserved, awful turnovers and was lazy on transition and half-court defense until the final few minutes. His night was very Kobe-like, and the Cleveland Cavs will never be able to survive LeBron playing like Kobe.

This Cavs team is slowly turning into the Cavs teams of the last few years as on offense lately it is dependent on LeBron isolation with a few Mo Williams jumpers as well. Mike Brown is most likely using the excuse of 3 shooting guards being injured to give a bad Boobie Gibson a ton of minutes and try and play a small offensive group and bench his better defenders. Big Z has looked slower than usual since his return with the exception of the Clipper game and Andy and Big Ben should have played more tonight. This Cavs team is not playing at the level it was during the 1st month-plus of the season on offense, defense or rebounding.

Maybe most importantly, one of the refs (not Joey Crawford) made a foul call against LeBron with 0.2 seconds which was one of the worst calls in NBA history. He made the call because the play looked extremely similar to an alley-oop 0.2 seconds earlier in which a foul was called against Danny Granger. The call against Granger was a probably a bad call, but Granger did make a lot of contact. The call against LeBron was an abomination and this ref should be suspended as a result. Mike Brown will be paying cheddar for his comments after the game in which for the first time I can remember he murdered a referee with his comments. That being said, Coach potato-head was wrong in that the call did not cost the Cavs this game, it was moreso the extremely lazy effort the team gave for 46 minutes. Phoenix tomorrow - GO CAVS




Webmaster said...

The ESPN panelists thought the first foul was the more egregious too.

Just sayin'

Webmaster said...

OK, just watched both in slow motion with different angles (I normally only go through this much effort with the DVD's I bought at an emporium to be named later). It's pretty clear that the EXACT same scenario went down on both plays. The defender had a better read on the ball, did make contact first but also touched the ball first. Neither went through the other player to touch the ball, instead, both kind of boxed out their player - in which case contact is permissible.

So I'd say justice was served. Neither should have been called.

Working Eyes said...

LeBron made contact with the ball, Granger made contact with LeBron. Both bad calls. The 2nd was easily the worst

Webmaster said...

I'm literally watching the replay as we speak.. Slow mowed to a frame (i'm that cool to have such technology). LeBron gets up a few inches higher. Granger iniates contact but as the better beat on the ball (perfect read on his part), but LeBron then creates separation with his left elbow into Granger's chest.. I will post picture on here in a few seconds..

So I'm not sure what you do with that.

Anonymous said...

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Webmaster said...

Finally "big buck knucka" weighed in! I thought you hit the nail on the head earlier today on the Huffington Post when you provided a comprehensive analysis of the stimulus package that passed in the Senate today.

Anonymous said...

this is possibly the worst website ive been to in my life. every article ive read has something bad to say about the cavs or lebron. no disrepect to the commenters just the writers...shut up and grow up. you are trying to get people to feel bad about yourselves.

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