Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Browns Sign J-Lew

Love him or hate him, Jamal Lewis is going to be wearing orange and brown this season. Not sure how you feel about the deal? Neither am I, but I was comforted by the fact that it is a one year deal. I know the diehards are probably fuming over this one. The majority of us are probably most familiar with Jamal Lewis because he had a supporting role in Gerard Warren's best game as a Cleveland Brown (as I'm sure everyone remembers Lewis actually broke the single-game rushing record and Warren played terrible).

Those who feel this acquisition threatens our chances to take Adrian Peterson need not worry. Adrian Peterson's father was in jail for drugs most of his life so Jamal Lewis would be the most natural fit as a mentor for AP. That would be a punishing backfield! And please, lets get over the drug thing. The only reason any of us hate Jamal Lewis is because he was responsible for two of the worst days of our lives, so please lets just leave the drug thing alone. If it takes a drug dealer to get me to the playoffs, I'm fine with that. When did everyone get so high and mighty in Cleveland that we can't have a misfit here and there, it helps build character.

I certainly don't believe Jamal Lewis is the answer and I definitely would rather be going for d-lineman or another o-lineman in free agency right now, but lets not write this guy off. He is 27 years old, he has posted a 2000 yard season, and he has numerous jail tattoos and loads of street-cred.
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Elliott Feldman said...

B. Smith is so far off in this article it's not even funny. How can you say its alright to sign this guy. There are a bunch of reasons why this guy isn't good for the Browns.

A) Kevin Durant absolutely owns Jamal Lewis
B) Jamal Lewis's stats his freshman year at Tennessee weren't even that good. He looked more like Bo Jackson in a wheel chair than Barry Sanders.

Now in the last few days I have been taught how important it is to examine stats of an 19 year old and compare them to pro stats, so my analysis must be dead on. I can only hope that the Browns will soon learn that they must analyze freshman year stats to advance.

King Nick said...

Jamal Lewis signing doesn't do much for the Browns and I'm not saying that cause he has owned us in the past. He may be 27 but he plays like he's 37 and his best years are behind him. Ever since the jail incident he hasn't been the same, and I personally would rather give the ball to Jason Wright than this washed up back.

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