Thursday, February 22, 2007

In the News

Apparently The PD has officially run out of actual players to now they're interviewing the people who normally set up the interviews. Q&A with Amanda Mercado

Paul Hoynes should never attempt humor again. Pals take chum for feud

Tribe supporters have always been called "myopic," as it turns out, it's just our starting shortstop who can't see straight. Peralta a sight for new eyes

The Browns have tons of cap space and are looking at big-time free agents, there's no way this can go wrong right? A menu with lots of fixings

"Small holes are drilled in the knee bone to promote blood flow. Scar tissue forms, replacing the damaged cartilage," Sure sounds to me like Winslow will back to 100%. Winslow recovery will take months


Woody Paige said...

Worst newspapers in the country.

Anonymous said...

Your humor falls flat like the mosquito bites doubling as your mom's tits. Give Hoynes a break it's spring training.

Anonymous said...

Mr. anonymous, I wouldn't take your "mosquito bite" act on the road anytime soon.

Keep up the good work guys, nice job showing up on deadspin. They don't just put anyone on there!

Anonymous said...

Fellow Mr. Anonymous,

That joke used to be Bill Murray's bread and butter.

And guys, keep on portraying Cleveland fans as Boston Red Sox clones. Must we whine and recognize all supposed curses.

K2 has surgery again, oh no, Bentley out for the year, oh my, Hoynes tries to have some fun, so shame on him.

CursedCleveland is a sad sign of Cleveland's demise on all levels of sports.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous's 1 and take cursedcleveland way, way too seriously. And good to see you're stealing from other comics who, in truth, aren't even comics anymore. He's now an actor in melodramas. Why don't you steal from Philip Seymour Hoffman while you're at it. I win, my reference was 10 times funnier.

Anonymous said...

You win, but what exactly is the Phillip Seymour Hoffman reference?

You talking about his turn in "Twister" as the nutcase tornado chaser?

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