Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oden the most dominant, but Conley the most valuable (How pissed was the PD when they realized it's four more hotel days for Livingston and 16 more meals on their tab?) . Miles of smiles on way to Atlanta

Kelly Shoppach threw three runners out yesterday on the basepads, that exact feat happens to be Victor's goal for the 2007 season. Tribe notes

"O.J. calls you, you don't call O.J" - words that should be emblazoned on OJ Mayo's business card. OJ Mayo not spoiled despite heat of last year (Looks like Windhorst will now be riding the coattails of a new superstar not named LeBron)

You have to overpay to get free agents in sports. When you're the Browns, you have to really overpay.

Jeff Shudel isn't exactly thrilled about the Browns QB situation. You know what Jeff, we're not really thrilled about your website which doesn't insert spaces between paragraphs, or print Les Levine or Roger Brown's columns. Trading for Trent Green is next step


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