Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too Good To Be True

Decatur, AL - Just months after Plaxico Burress shot himself, his replacement on the team went and got shot too! Taye Biddle, who was brought on from the practice squad to fill the void left by Burress, was visiting family when he was shot in the hand and the leg. How's this for irony? Large black man gets shot in the leg while assuming the role of another large black man who shot himself in the leg, you can't dream shit like this up!

My first reaction was to laugh, but I thought that was a bit harsh...and then my second reaction was also to laugh, so I laughed....and I'm still laughing. On a positive note, this guy looks like an animal in his uniform, too bad the only uniform he'll be wearing anytime soon will be his hospital gown. Hang in there Taye, at least you'll have a story to tell your grandchildren, because you certainly won't be telling them any on-field stories from your NFL career.


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