Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Newzin'

Is Waiting for Next year the Chick-Fil-A of the Cleveland blogosphere? Much like I want their crispy chicken combo on Sundays, Clevelanders want your listlessly regurgitated sports takes on the weekend. We're over here working in the trenches, and you guys are hanging out at Club Med. Ohh WFNY, we kid, we kid.

Some much needed Mike Brown love (Didn't know the Beacon Journal still was a functioning paper). Credit due to Cavaliers' coach.

Bob Hunter's about two-years too late to the bash coordinators club. Tressel sees need for tweaking.

Thad Matta, Jim Tressel and is a combined 15-2 combined against Michigan. OSU regains early-season attitude.

Dan Henderson has been involved in more judge's decisions than Antonin Scalia. Two UFC announcements: Rampage to fight Jardine in Columbus and Liddell vs. Shogun to headline UFC 97 in Montreal.

The Dipatch was disappointed by Lil Wayne. They're obviously racist. Frustrating Concert.

Swerb's blurbs is auditioning for yet another writer. Reminds me of the clip from Naked Gun when all 42 of the announcers are introduced before the baseball game. You need a new writer like Football Night in America needs another on-air panelist. Swerb's Freaking Blurbs.


Anonymous said...

Swerbinsky first started infesting the Cleveland sports internet when he won a "columnist contest" on Bernie's Insiders a few years ago. This is just yet another ripoff of that site.

Nothing's funnier than reading a guy who takes money from the Indians pontificate endlessly about being an "alternative to the mainstream media". LULZ.

Webmaster said...

Whoever you are anonymous, how dare you come over here and rip a fellow blogger. That's not what we do here. I smell jealousy in your words. What you did was take a calculated cheap shot at someone who pours their blood, sweat and tears into their product. Take it back, or go to some other side that dabbles in such critical opinions.

Anonymous said...


Caligula said...

You guys are back again? oh no.

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