Friday, February 2, 2007

Miami Post Mortem

It was a rough night in South Beach. OK, really just a rough fourth quarter. Either way, the Cavaliers are now only 26-20 and LeBron isn't exactly LeBron. I think the ABJ's Brian Windhorst might still be a little upset about losing his front row seat at the Cavs games.
"But he just can't stand sitting, especially when a national television audience is watching. I know he plays Mr. Team in the media, but he's just as vain as anyone else. Yes, when it comes to stats and awards he is too, despite what he says."
He's now shooting only 69% from the foul line (Greg Oden is at 63%, left handed and blindfolded), perhaps some rest is in order. Does anyone know if the All-Star Game is nationally televised? The Bobcats are next on the schedule. We're guessing LeBron won't be playing; either voluntarily or forcibly - depending on how Stu Jackson is feeling. We're guessing LeBron gets the one-game suspension for his "inadvertent" hit on D. Wade (seen below), which in our view, was more premeditated than Kobe's.


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