Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What a Guy!

Latrell Sprewell's at it again. The New York Daily News reports former NBA choke-artist (and by choke-artist, I mean he is really good at choking people) had a $200 million lawsuit slapped on him. The suit was filed by Candace Cabbil, who is the mother of four of Latrell's children and as an added bonus she takes care of another one of Latrell's kids from a previous (and I'm sure non-abusive) relationship.

In the suit, Cabbil claims that she was dragged down the stairs by her feet after a pre-Christmas argument causing her numerous injuries. The suit is coming at a bad time for Spree, he just got off of charges of choking a woman while having sex with her on his yacht. Who would of thought that the NBA's four-time "Good-Guy of the year" would be getting into so much trouble after only one year out of basketball?

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