Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Buckeyes Travel to West Lafayette

The #4th ranked Buckeyes shouldn't have their work cut out for them tonight at Purdue, they really shouldn't. But the way things typically go at Mackey Arena, you should fully expect Greg Oden to be saddled with 4 fouls with about 16 minutes to go in the second half. You see, road teams don't exactly "get calls," at Purdue. They do instead get a healthy dose of 6'8 untalented balding white guys who think knee pads are an essential basketball accessory.

Hopefully the Buckeyes get real creative with their offense tonight and decide to throw the ball around the key repetitiously until they get a contested long range perimeter jumper. That's the offense I would go with if I had a 7'1 athletic player who looks like he's playing against middle schoolers. We're not exactly sure Thad is a suitable x's and o's guy at this point, but we'll obviously take his recruiting as opposed to the last coach. Instead of recruiting McDonald's All Americans, Jim OBrien's idea of recruiting was bringing in guys that used to work at McDonalds. Literally - Nick Dials just sold me a Six-pack of McNuggets.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. While you are sitting on your fat ass eating french fries, Dials is still playing D1 ball like you only wish you could. If Dials wasn't getting F*'d by Obrien, he'd probably still be at Overatted State University (or shall I say, THE state public state university of ohio).

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