Friday, February 2, 2007

No Longer A Tall Tale

UPPER SANDUSKY, OH - We don't typically dabble in high school coverage or get too heavily involved with the recruiting trail (and judging by the latest rankings, either does Jim Tressel), but Buckeye-bound Jon Diebler is officially on our radar screen, and he's reaching "can't miss" status. If we would have only known sooner.

He's put up some ridiculous high school performances that would make LeBron jealous, including an insane 77-point effort in a regular season game a year ago. Not many can say the "King" is in their rear-view mirror, but Diebler dribbled right past him last week on the all-time Ohio scoring list. He's closing in quickly on former Buckeye Jay Burson for the number one spot.

Tonight his game was broadcast on Sports(some)Time(s) Ohio - as we affectionately call the Indians network. He was better than advertised. All Diebler did was unveil an arsenal of feathery smooth jumpers, step back dribble moves, and pin point passing on his way to 67 points. Some have speculated that Matta's '07 recruiting class could turn out better than the current one, with Diebler, anything is possible.

Diebler's now up to 40.4 ppg, 14.5 reb 7.2 assists, 4.9 blocks and 4.9 steals per game.

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DaJuan Wagner said...

Yawn...he took every shot.

dajuan wagner said...

Come talk to me when you get 100...and a bout with colitis.

David Lighty said...

Is it too late to transfer?

Valpo Head Coach said...'re going to OSU? What happened to Valpo? Oral Contracts are binding in a court of law.

LeBron James said...

Ok, you officially need 8 handlers, 21 boyhood friends as "hangers on," a few groupies, and 2 close buddies who you let handle your marketing.

Oh yeah, get some girl pregnant.

Kobe Bryant said...

Diebler needs to start sabotaging games immediately...worked for me.

Anonymous said...

do you not know this guy is white?

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