Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Former 3 Point Champion Disses Cavs

AP Photo/Mark Duncan

In today's installment of ESPN's Daily Dime, NBA analyst (And former terrible NBA player) Tim Legler predicted the playoff seedings for the Eastern Conference. According to Tim, the Cavs will finish in 5th in the East, behind Detroit, Washington, Chicago and New Jersey. In his analysis, he stated that the wine and gold were the proud owners of the least creative offense in the league (No Shit... I guess this is why they pay him the big bucks, to point out things that 3rd graders know). He also noted frustration in Lebron's body language (Something one dude shouldn't say about another dude), and claimed that the guys on the set as well as the cameramen could have done damage against Golden State last night. The Cavs continue to be easy targets for criticism from commentators around the league (Yes, even ones who never averaged more than 9 points a game for their careers and switched back and forth between the NBA, the CBA, the ILA) and I can't wait to see what Charles Barkley has in store for the Cavs after Thursday's matchup with the defending champs.


craig hodges said...

Yea what a loser Legler is. I simply cannot stand players who are only good at 3-point contests and suck in games.

Harold Miner said...

You know who i hate more, dunk contestants who can't cut it in the nba.

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