Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hold the Mayo

WEST VIRGINIA - Normally initiating contact in a high school basketball game is grounds for a personal foul. That is of course unless the guy on the receiving end is an official. USC signee O.J. Mayo is officially ready for the NBA. If getting expelled from one school, repeatedly taunting others, and getting forcibly removed from a high school game by law enforcement doesn't prepare you for the NBA lifestyle, I don't know what does. Fortunately he'll be headed to southern California, where he's almost certain to avoid distractions and stay out of trouble.
photo courtesy of latimes


Luis Skolnak said...

Clearly growing up in cincinnati as a lifelong fan of the bengals, OJ is the perfect example of a youngster emulating his athlete idols. I hope Tim Floyd makes as much as an example out of him as Marvin Lewis has made out of Odell Thurman, Jonathon Joseph, and Chris Henry.

Carl Torborg said...

Funny as usual SBT. Miss you on the radio!

Tim Rychel said...


I am still trying to determine exactly how many of these comments you are writing about yourself under fake names.

SportsBoyTony said...

Tim, what on earth are you talking about? Thus far, our website has been extremely popular with people from all different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. I've been pushing for a social security authorization code for years just to add credibility to comment section of this website. It pains me to hear people question the validity of our comments.

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