Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Browns Fans are Gluttons for Punishment

CLEVELAND - In the two-week lead-up to the Super Bowl, some fans let it be known on local sportstalk radio that they were not going to watch the Steelers win their sixth Super Bowl Title. Well the numbers are in, and not only can we consider the majority of these middle-aged talk show callers "losers" but also "liars."

In fact, a higher percentage of Cleveland viewers tuned in to watch Kurt Warner trip over his offensive lineman than Cardinals fans did in Phoenix. True story!

53.6/79: Pittsburgh
52.6/72: Norfolk
50.6/71: Jacksonville
50.4/68: Buffalo
49.3/67: Richmond
49.2/70: Tampa
48.1/68: Ft. Myers
47.7/69: Cleveland
47.5/80: Phoenix
47.4/65: Indianapolis
We find it pretty amazing that Pittsburgh earned a 79 share. Not because we're blown away by a 79, but because we're flabbergasted that 21 percent of people weren't watching the Super Bowl.


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