Thursday, February 5, 2009

Peyton Manning Loves the Pro Bowl

KAPOLEI, HAWAII - According to our friends over at Yahoo, Peyton Manning doesn't treat the Pro Bowl as simply a vacation. Rather, he uses it as a chance to gather information from opposing teams' players and coaches, and also tries to get on the good sides of some of his opponents. Manning said:

"I bought Mario Williams breakfast. See that’s the other thing. I work schemes with the coaches and maybe any player who might be leaving that team, maybe that player will sing a little bit. I work relationships, too, with defensive linemen

. I bought Mario Williams breakfast, so maybe he’ll remember that twice a year. Maybe when he gets that free shot, you know, he won’t drive me into the ground. Like I said, it’s a fun week, but there is work to be done."

Just when I thought I couldn't like this guy anymore, he goes and does something like this. If his play on the field & commercials weren't enough, this interview solidified his place in the "BSmith Man-Crush Hall of Fame (more on this next week)." The only thing I don't like about Manning is that when you're playing against the computer in Madden, and he's the quarterback, he has to audible 4 times on every play, causing me to get pissed off and eventually not play the game. In related news, reports out of Berea claim that while at the Pro Bowl last year, Derek Anderson spent the entire week playing practical jokes on all of the AFC defenses, with an emphasis on Terrell Suggs and the Ravens.


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