Monday, February 2, 2009


Tony Grossi says Pittsburgh owes their Super Bowl to Ohio. How to Spell Championship O-H-I-O.

Cavs make big run with King on the bench. Williams and Gibson push Cavs

Windhorst calls Cavs win a "quality road victory" - nothing like somehow managing to fend off a team that's 13-11 at the Palace. Sorry if we're not impressed.

Norm Chad is pretty funny. "2:32: Returning from a Cheetos break, I hear Costas literally say, "Meanwhile, back on Earth." I assume I missed a Kurt Warner feature."

and.. 9:13: I didn't realize the Steelers not only travel with their own fans, they also bring their own officials.
Apparently even the Buckeyes aren't recession-proof. OSU budget shortfall.

I guss we finally know how the Sopranos ends. Silvio joins some lame band with another 60-year-old over-the-hill rocker and does karaoke while sporting an embarrassing bandana. And even that's a better ending then what we were treated to in the series.

If may have just looked like porn when Santonio Holmes got all excited after the catch. Porn interrupts Super Bowl.


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