Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Climactic Night for LeBron & Kobe...and Me

NEW YORK, NY - LeBron is heading to the Big Apple this evening (no no, not for good yet), just two nights after Kobe dropped 61 on the Knicks in a masterful performance where he needed only 37 minutes and shot 61% from the floor. This wasn't one of his typical outbursts, where critics sit back and say he was selfish and didn't get his teammates involved. Gasol went for 31, and Kobe was simply unstoppable. When the best player in the game has it going
, he shouldn't be giving up the ball... bottom line. Also, instead of promoting a new limited edition shoe in the game, he just went ahead and dominated. He even had the Knicks fans chanting MVP...but LeBron did that last year too. I suppose this is the result of having terrible teams year in and year out, maybe next year they'll be chanting for Stephon Marbury, when he's a member of another squad of course.

LeBron played incredibly well last night against the Raptors, including a big time rejection of Chris Bosh that had even coach Mike Brown baffled. Tonight, LeBron travels to Madison Square Garden, and in response to a question about whether or not he would beat Kobe's mark he said “I just go out and play my game. “I’m not a video game where you can just expect me to go out there and score 60 or 70.” If we're being grammatically correct, it isn't the video game that scores the points, and we're clearly aware that you're not a video game, you're a person. Thus, this reply makes no sense, and should have been reworded to state "This isn't a video game, you can't expect me to just go out there and score 60 or 70 points." But let's not talk symantics...of course LeBron wants to match Kobe, or hopefully outdo him. It's called competition, and right now, there's still a heated debate over who's the best player on the planet. We won't argue this either way...of course we have in the past, a few times. In retrospect, we seem to find a way to argue that Kobe's the best in 75-80 percent of all of our posts...weird!
Also on tap for tonight, Kobe Bryant takes his hobbled Lakers squad into Toronto, the site that hosted the greatest scoring performance since Wilt Chamberlain when Bryant popped in 81 on them in January of '06. Kobe is the only player in the game today who you can watch the first 3 minutes of a game, watch him hit a few jumpers, and then feel compelled to call your friends because you think this might be the night that he goes for 100+. He just has that look in his eye, that hunger, that fire that makes you want to see him succeed. Tonight could be one of those nights, the Raptors have nobody who can come close to stopping him, and they're on the second night of a back-to-back...and they're terrible, and play in Canada, and have ugly uniforms, you get the point.

So who will score more points tonight? More importantly, who's team will come out with a victory? I can't wait, and thanks to our friends over at, I can watch the Lakers game on the computer and the Cavs on the tv. Also, the Cavs will play the Lakers on national television this Sunday for the last time this regular season, and there's no doubt that it will be up to these two men to carry their teams into the NBA Finals matchup that everyone is hoping for. It's a simple debate really....will you be betting on Bron's red shoes, or the black mamba? Here at, we always bet on black.


Rossitron said...

If anyone hasn't cramped up laughing in a very very long time they HAVE to read that trade LeBron for Kobe piece and all the comments following; It'll create more laughs than Tommy Boy, Kingpin and the Chappell show combined.

Go Cavs

P.S. 61 points and 0 assists is essentially the equivalent of 40 points and 10 assists if we are just talking offense.

P.P.S. (I just said peepee) Kobe is still not earning the respect of opposing defenses the way LeBron James (or DWade) do.

Anonymous said...

Ripping someone for poor grammar the sentence before you misspell "symantics" (sic)??

Man, that is rich.

Great post. Needed a few more dead jokes, though.

Webmaster said...

Nick P, when are you going to start writing for us?

BSmith said...

Damn, I always spell that word wrong!

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