Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where Are They Now: David Wesley

WACO, TX - Brought in as a designated shooter to complement the King, David Wesley became just another outside shooter and miss-er; part of a seemingly neverending list of guys who actually got worse when paired with LeBron (see Lucious Harris, J.R. Bremer and Larry Hughes). He shot 29 percent in his one year in Cleveland.

We haven't seen the guy who famously showed NBA fans where the bottom of the backboard was with an uncontested layup,
and were beginning to worry that he violated his parole (you know, for that whole reckless driving thing). As it turns out, he's an assistant coach with the Baylor basketball team.

So by proxy, does that make him a part of the Dave Bliss coaching tree? We always hear about where the successful coaches' assistants turn up. But what about the assistants of Larry Eustachy or Jan van Breda Kolff? I'd love to know if these guys are in jail, or just celling cell phones in the mall.

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Georgia Bulldog player said...

I'd rather have my kid play for Bliss than Bobby Knight

T-MAC said...

Interesting that he was able to play with me, and people call me selfish.

Anonymous said...

"I'd love to know if these guys are in jail, or just celling cell phones in the mall."

Good stuff. They actually talked about and showed him last night on Big Monday in the Baylor vs Ku game.

KC Res

Rossitron said...

Thanks to Derrick Rose we can fully expect Commish Stern to announce Larry Hughes as Jameer Nelson's replacement. Harris and Bremer were also both held down by da man.

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