Friday, January 16, 2009


Wedge still sounds like a kid on Christmas morning who dreamed of getting a 10-speed bike" - really Terry? If Wood, Derosa, Smith and Valbuena is a 10 -speed bike, then what would Sabathia, Texteira and Burnette be like? A flying lexus? Wedge gets all he wants.

Another script Ohio. Now all we need is Maurice Wells to run into the back of the line and this would feel like a real game at the Shoe.

Broncos GM wants Browns opening. If he's responsible for bringing in Maurice Clarett, then we're sold. Sunquist campaigning for job

Another Buckeye bolting for the pros. Washington joins NFL draft picture

Delonti West is pissed that WFNY did a story on him and not CursedCleveland. West injures wrist

If you don't think Zydrunas and LeBron's mom has something to do with these record numbers, you're crazy. Ohioans spend recored amount of Liquor.


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