Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Poster To Masturbate To

MY BEDROOM WALL - Not since Kimbo SLice v Ken Shamrock Seth Petruzelli has there been this much buildup for an MMA fight, only this time, the fighters are good at fighting. And who am I kidding, at this point the UFC just has to put two omnivores in a cage, have Bruce Buffer do his patented pivot, turn and point and I'm pretty much sold on laying a quick fifty down to buy the ppv. And by that I mean I scroll to my "favorites," click on "" and find the appropriate link on fight night.

UFC is obviously taking a page out of the Pride book by producing awesome pre-fight pictorals. I know, I know, it's clearly a photoshop, clearly the UFC 94 logo was added in post. But it does not take away from what a bad-ass matchup this will be between GSP and Penn. I think this fight beats the buy rate for Lesner/Couture. (Actually, according to Dana White, the Rashad Evans/Mir/Rampage card had more buys than Lesner vs Couture, that's pretty ridiculous considering they thought Lesner/Couture would be the highest rated MMA show ever in the U.S.).

Tonight on Spike, they're taking a break from the litany of UFC unleashed, Manswers and Pros vs Joes for UFC Primetime: St.-Pierre vs Penn, a half-hour look into the January 31st mega-fight. Feel free to play the GSP drinking game, every time he says "Matt Sir-uhhhhh" or "ahhh-pohhn-nent" you get a drink.


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