Thursday, January 15, 2009


Expect puns galore in headlines centered around our new offensive coordinator. Coordinators Hired

Hey look, we're just as pretend fair and balanced as Fox News. A Pro Hartline Piece.

New Indians player not named Victor Martinez has questionable heart. Derosa's best season came despite heart scare.

Does this police officer not know Matt Sylvester ended Illinois' perfect season three years ago? Sylvester Arrested

I guess it's going to be a different Trojan QB that will light up the Buckeyes next year in the Horseshoe: Sanchez gone

Looks like the kid gloves aren't coming off with the media and Obama. This hire has affirmative action written all over it: Youngest reporter to ever cover President Inauguration

With all the coverage of the inauguration, can we be treated to a sniper cam? Unprecedented Security

Akron has a street gang? Street gang busted


Buckeye Bob said...

Buckeyes will beat the Trojans! Mark it down.

Anonymous said...

Your SlowOhio Buckeyes are going to get embarrassed!

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