Wednesday, January 14, 2009's 2009 American Idol

Columbia, S.C.- According to our friends at, former overrated New York Giants and New England Patriots running back David Meggett was arrested for allegedly raping a 21-year old girl(He's 42). This is funny enough as it is, but in order to make this a real headline the kicker here is that this asshole was out on bond in connection with another charge of sexual assault (The first one with a 17 year old...atta boy Dave!) when he raped this little philly. Are you kidding me? Can you really be this stupid? You're a damn former NFL player, Chris Berman used to annoy the shit out of me yelling "Look at that little Megget go" and you mean to tell me you can't just snag some nasty peice of consentual ass? Unreal!

Also, in the most recent case, this Darren Sproles prototype went by the name of "Mike" and according to the victim, she owed him $200 and when he showed up to collect, she didn't have it. He then raped her....and was nice enough to tell her afterwards that she didn't have to repay him the money! I didn't continue reading the article, and I couldn't care less actually, however it looks like this may be his 4th or 5th rape in the last few years. That's good work, and considering these are only the ones that have been reported...He could have dabbled in 15-20 girls, ages unknown but probably spiraling downward from 17...stay tuned for more. In the meantime, David Meggett, you are's 2009 American Idol (Until someone does something funnier).


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Anonymous said...

that's weird... I used to rape my college roomates with Dave Meggett in Tecmo Super Bowl all the time.

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