Saturday, June 30, 2007

Draft Dodging

OK, so Thursday night the Cavaliers organization was about as active as Chris Benoit's upcoming 4th of July family picnic, but it this necessarily a bad thing? People in the collective Cavs nation are seemingly outraged about their lack of a draft deal. But of course, half of the "Cavs nation" just started watching basketball four years ago (and that includes Kenny Roda, and myself, and Mike Brown).

This morning in Brian Windhorst's critically acclaimed blog, he reports that Chris Sheridan wrote that a Larry Hughes deal might be on the horizon.

he heard the Cavs were shopping Larry Hughes. This is true and this has been true since the trading deadline when Danny Ferry openly told the media that he had conversations about every player on his roster with the exception of LeBron James....he’s just not a good fit with LeBron at this point. They do not complement each other and most times they do not have a great chemistry on the court.

Hmm..they don't complement each other? I thought LeBron supposedly has this all-encompassing, omniscient ability to make the game easier for everyone. Sure seems that Gilbert Arenas was able to mesh fairly well with Larry Hughes...


In Bill Livingston's profoundly confusing piece this morning about past finals sweeps, he lets it be known that the Cavs/Spurs cannot possibly be considered the most lopsided sweep of all time. Well, it came in second place. But remember, second place only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and the Special Olympics.


Also, count as one of the leading nattering nabobs of negativity when it comes to LeBron's decision to play in next month's FIBA America's tournament. Not necessarily because we care about his durability, but mostly because we care about Team USA's fortunes. Other than marketing considerations, we still don't understand why he was invited to play on Team USA. You would think we'd have this down by now. Guys who don't have a midrange game and can't shoot consistently from the outside are a liability, not a plus in international league play.

Sure the rules are gimmicky and senseless (International officials stole many ideas from this game show), but it doesn't change the fact that LeBron dribbled way too much and took way, wayyyy too many perimeter jumpers last year - and what exactly have we seen in 2007 to make us think he's learned his lessons? Not to mention he still can't shoot free throws or commit himself on the defensive end, or complete a sentence without continued double negative use.


mike said...

Glad to see you guys are overcoming your writer's block. Nice entry.

DamienStud said...

I think you guys are a little hard on LeBron, but it is true that he struggled in international league play. And I wouldn't be telling Chris Benoit jokes - a little too soon don't you think?

Joel Siegel said...

Anyone who would be offended by that chris benoit joke shouldn't be reading this website

Jessie Davis' Unborn Fetus said...

I agree.

Bobby Cutts Jr. said...


9-11 Victims said...

Enough time has passed - we're fair game now.

Ross said...

Lima, you and Smith are so crazy (not Martin Lawrence crazy) about the Kobe/LBJ thing. Im not gonna go into rebutting each one of your paragraphs, you obviously spent a lot of time trying to sell this garbage to people.
I'll just say that post was insanely stupid and base it upon the conclusion itself.
I'm not even sure you believe that crap or just do it to piss Sedney and I off.
I'll give you this though, KOBE IS A BETTER OUTSIDE GUNNER THAN LEbRON!!! YAY!!!

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