Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Donaghy's Latest Allegation: Hogan vs Warrior a "Work"

BROOKLYN, NY - Disgraced ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy has targeted World Wrestling Entertainment in his latest round of accusations, alleging that the historic Wrestlemania VI bout between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior was "fixed."

These charges come on the heels of his allegations made yesterday in a court document filed by Donaghy's lawyers describing the manipulation of past NBA playoff games. Donaghy is currently facing 25 years of prison, but is attempting to cooperate with FBI officials to reduce his sentence. He outs a former WWE referee in his latest written statement.
"My people in Vegas say it's common knowledge that Earl Hebner was a "company man" during the main event match between Hogan and Warrior, in which The Warrior overcame Hogan's signature "big boot" and "atomic leg drop" to eventually claim the WWF Championship. Watch the tape, Hebner clearly looked the other way during numerous eye gouges and was deliberately "slow counting" to alter the outcome."
Hebner, now senior referee for TNA Wrestling, took issue with Donaghy's charges.

"We live by a code of ethics in wrestling that few professions can match," Hebner said. "Like any other bout, I checked for foreign objects and made sure the boots were consistent with WWF guidelines. Wrestling is the hardest sport to officiate on the planet."

Prominent wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer wonders what this scandal will do to the sport's reputation.

"We now have to go back and see how the lineage of the WWE title would have been affected had Hogan defeated the Warrior," Meltzer said. "It's quite possible that this "work" changed the course of history in wrestling as we know it. Chris Benoit might still be alive today had this alternative universe not been created."

Legendary jobber Steve Lombardi, known to many as "The Brooklyn Brawler," wondered what these allegations, if proven true, will do to his legacy. He thinks his lifetime record of 5 wins and 231 losses might deserve an asterisk.

"It's troubling to know things weren't exactly on the 'up and up,'" Lombardi said. "I still have to listen to the jokes of people calling my finishing move 'being pinned.'"


Anonymous said...

The Brooklyn Brawler had a memorable feud with the Red Rooster, good times!

Chris said...

WrestleMania VI is what you were looking for

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Roman Numerals never a strong suit of mine. I'm much better with the Hindu-Arabic numeral system

clown said...

Seriously, cursed - you go by "webmaster"?! That is beyond pretentious!

SportsBoyTony said...

Well technically Clown, I've mastered the art of hiatus-based posting.

Danny Davis said...

Earl Hebner was so overrated, I was a much, much better referee in the "squared circle."

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Now if only Rich Mckay would update his facebook..

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