Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anderson Varejao Making Wild Financial Decisions

According to the venerable Chad Ford of ESPN.com, a guy that puts more emphasis on how many coveted "stats" a player can accumulate in gar-baj time rather than what impact a player is actually having on a game, has had a formal sit down with Anderson Varejao (something no hairstylist, or remedial English teacher has been able to schedule with AV in years).

In this tell-all, Anderson expressed his desire to persue other things.

"I wanted to come back," he said. "I love the fans and I really love my teammates. But there are others there that have made it very difficult. It's gotten to the point that I don't want to play there anymore. I'm just hoping for a sign-and-trade at this point."
Sign and trade sounds good on paper; well actually, looks good on paper. Problem is, it still involves another team valuing AV at around $8 or 9 million, something scoffed at by most GM's not named Isiah Thomas. The "Wild Thing" has already turned down a 5 year, $20 million deal. Truthfully, their negotiations are about as far apart as the BET Network and Michael Richards (they apparently weren't fond of his pilot called Monkey Business).

It looks like the Cavaliers and Brian Windhorst alike weren't prepared to deal with the craziness that is AV. It was always assumed that the Cavs had all the leverage simply because he's restricted. Problem is, much like a suicide bomber, your dealing with someone who obviously doesn't care about his future. That's right, I just compared AV to a terrorist. Gotta love hyperbole in the blog world. Perhaps in the meantime, AV can go visit Raleigh Durham and give his famed lecture on baiting the charge call. And we'll go back to missing Austin Carr's skillful handling of Anderson's last name.

By the way, LeBron apparently phoned AV.

"He just says, 'We love you and we're waiting.'" Varejao said. He keeps telling me he wants me back but to get the best deal I can and to take care of my family. He's a great teammate. He always supports us on and off the court."

So that makes two valuable players LeBron has now encouraged to "get the best deal he can." Which makes me real optimistic about him staying in Cleveland when some of his promotional deals have escalators based on him playing in a large market.


Anonymous said...

LeBron is so gone, it's not even funny (unlike this blog, which is worth some laughs!)

X-Man said...

Why do you guys even bother?

MRich said...

50 years ago we'd have Varejo upside down with a fork up his ass...

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have Side Show Bob back, but not for the money he wants.

Bonecrusher said...

That LeBron comment is ridiculous, he knows his guys aren't the income stream that he is and their team contract is crucial for them.

As for Andy, he is completely lost and rather greedy. If he wants more money that is one thing (we all do), but Andy is burning his bridges and shooting off at the mouth in what has turned into amateur hour.

To get offered 5 years, 32 million and say he "just wants to be treated fair" is ridiculous. He has also stated they did not ask for 10-11 million when I think it is well understood they originally asked for 6 years at over 60 mil total.

He's also going to have to understand just because others get paid more than him it doesn't mean the Cavs are treating him unfairly. People like Mike Finley and Starbury get paid higher salaries than LeBron, it happens.

Frankly, he and his agent fucked up not signing the qualifying offer. I hope he sits out this year, makes $0, comes back next year, and accepts a deal the Cavs matched OR signs the same qualifying offer for $1.2.

Apparently he is asking for $8 mil as he wont take 6.5, BUT "wants to be treated fair," BUT "isn't asking for 10 per." He clearly doesn't understand that little restricted free agent rule/thing.

Yea Andy, nobody offered you 8 million per this offseason, but next offseason after tearing up Brazil South and Brazil Northwest you are sure to get some team to offer 8 per when they lose the freedom to use that money up for 7 days and the Cavs would probably just match even if someone would give a SIX AND SIX guy that much(I do of course feel he is much more valuable than that).

Hopefull Danny Ferry will continue to own the shit out of this kid and his agent.

Best case scenario for fans to laugh at Andy's bank account? He makes 1.2 total as a Cavs employee for the next 2 seasons combined, and gets hurt in game 4 of next year's Finals as we are sweeping leading to a career ending injury.

Apparently the hundreds of thousands he's earned the last few years goes real far in Brazil, but he still feels he NEEDS $50, not $32 million (This guy really likes high end hookers)

Anonymous said...

Nice Zach Reed reference on the poll. didn't know you were up to date on the Cleveland City council scene.

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