Thursday, November 29, 2007

Carolina Blues

They continue to call it the "Big Ten- ACC Challenge," but after yet another embarrassing showing by the Mediocre Eleven, it's pretty clear that this annual challenge is about as competitive as the conflict in Darfur. Suprisingly though, OSU had one of the better showings; staying competitive with one of the top teams in the country for 3o minutes.

The storyline for most Buckeye fans had to be the emergence of freshman Jon Diebler. To say the guy had been struggling would be as obvious as saying has trouble reaching the 18-57 female demographic (or the humans 1 Day - 101 years demographic to be more exact). He had missed 31 of 35 from the field through his first 5 games; that's the type of shooting accuracy that will land you the part of a bad guy in a James Bond film. His poor play was painfully reminding Buckeye fans of the Sean Connolly era (I was even having Jon Sanderson hullucinations at one point).

Diebler certainly picked it up, demonstrating that he does belong in major division one basketball. His length also caused numerous problems for the UNC guards (minus Lawson) at the top of the zone. Where things went right for Diebler, they went horribly, horribly wrong for Kosta Koufos. This guy's draft status literally seems to plummet and jump depending on the night. Against Syracuse, I'm getting calls saying "one and done." Against North Carolina, I'm getting calls from authorities questioning my whereabouts the previous night.

By the way, the brutal schedule gets more brutaler(?) with matchups against Florida (never a good thing for the Scarlet and Gray), Butler (scorned by Thad) and Tennessee (maybe the best team in the SEC).
Lastly, this team shot 33 three-pointers last night. That's right, 33 out of their 70 field goal attempts were from behind the arc. Did I even mention that Tony Stockman isn't on this team anymore?


Anonymous said...

You guys were lucky that TL wasn't playing. Would have been a complete domination.

Anonymous said...

Where is Boban Savovic when u need him...?

Anonymous said...

Nick Dials?

Bonecrusher said...

Now Lima I know you were at the game, but I've never heard announcers talk about how unbelieveable great a guy played after going 5-14 on 18 foot jumpers before.
Dickie V apparently forgets that good college 3 point shooters go like 10-15 from 3 and shoot 50%+ over the entire season.
Apparently the likes of JJ Redick, Trajan Langdon, Z and Drew Gooden have nothing on Diebler.
As BAD as Diebler was from 3, the rest of the team was much worse from 3 feet bunny and closer range. You might have thought a 2 foot bunny was a "high percentage look" until thee OSU basketball team set you straight the other night.
They looked more nervous and overanxious than Lima or I when a female comes within a foot of us.

Anonymous said...

i hear this blog likes underage girls?

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