Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nevada Nick Announces Early Retirement

Well folks, I'm extremely happy to say that on Sunday afternoon I hit a $500 10-team parlay and can now retire and bask in the sea of riches that I now have. I was about to post it on CursedCleveland but unfortunately my limit was $100 for the site and because of strict contract bylaws, could not bring it to you. I just want to thank all my wonderful, loyal fans for all the heartwarming letters and e-mails and for all the support you have given me over the past 10 years. Perhaps if I feel like giving you readers some charity I'll come back and post some picks but for now I'm gonna sip umbrella drinks and enjoy living the dream. Hopefully CursedCleveland will put up a live feed so you will be able to see my retirement press conference and also my induction into the handicapping Hall of Fame. Good luck to all of you in the future.


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