Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nevada Nick's Bowl Game Challenge

Step right up folks and challenge the Master of Handicapping himself, Nevada Nick. I know you people out there think you can pick games better than me so now here's your chance. I'll post all my bowl game picks and you can post yours and we will see who the King really is. I'm not talking about just picking the winner, I'm talking about with the spread...Kiddie game is down the street. If you're feeling a little lazy and don't want to post ALL the bowl games you can just post the ones that are different from mine and we'll go from those. The winner may or may not receive a fantastic gift offer courtesy of, as well as a 10-day contract to post their picks on CursedCleveland daily..not to mention enormous bragging rights. However, no one will ever beat me so you might as well not even respond to this. Also, if you are scared do not respond either. All Challengers Welcome.
Poinsettia Bowl - Navy +7.5
New Orleans Bowl - Florida Atlantic -3
New Mexico Bowl - New Mexico -3 Bowl - Cincinnati -11
Las Vegas Bowl - UCLA +5.5
Hawaii Bowl - Boise St. -10.5
Motor City Bowl - Central Michigan +8.5
Holiday Bowl - Texas -2.5
Champs Sports Bowl - Boston College -2.5
Emerald Bowl - Oregon St. -4.5
Texas Bowl - TCU -4
Meineke Car Care Bowl - Wake Forest -2.5
Liberty Bowl - Mississippi St. +3
Alamo Bowl - Texas A+M +5.5
Independence Bowl - Alabama -3.5
Armed Forces Bowl - California -3.5
Sun Bowl - South Florida -6.5
Humanitarian Bowl - Fresno St. +5.5
Music City Bowl - Kentucky -3
Chick-Fil-A Bowl - Auburn +2.5 Bowl - Oklahoma St. -4
Outback Bowl - Tennessee -2.5
Cotton Bowl - Missouri -3
Capital One Bowl - Florida -11
Gator Bowl - Texas Tech -5.5
Rose Bowl - USC -14
Sugar Bowl - Georgia -7.5
Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma -7.5
Orange Bowl - Va. Tech -3.5
International Bowl - Rutgers -10
GMAC Bowl - Bowling Green +4.5
BCS Title Game - Ohio St. +4.5
There you have it. If you catch this post after a game or 2 has already played, you can still post your picks for the rest of the games. However, again you probably shouldn't respond to this because you simply won't beat me...


Anonymous said...

"Step right up folks and challenge the Master of Handicapping himself, Nevada Nick."

Isn't that like saying.."Step right up folks and challenge Christopher Reeves to a 100 meter sprint?"

nevada nick said...

Let the jokes fly, but make sure you hide behind your anonymous status and fail to post any selections of your own to challenge me...I completely understand though, it's a battle you simply cannot win.

CatmanDo said...

I'm going with today lines...

BYU - 6
Cincinnati - 10.5
New Mexico - 2.5
Boise State - 10.5
Central Mich +7.5
Texas - 2.5
BC - 2.5
Oregon State -5
TCU - 4
TAMU +5.5
MSU +3.5
UConn + 2.5
Bama - 3.5
Cal -3.5
Auburn +2.5
Fresno State +6
Kentucky game is off the board but I'll take them -21
Oklahoma State - 4...probably my favorite line.
South Florida -6.5
Florida -10.5
Georgia -7.5
Missouri -3
Wisconsin +2.5
Virgina +6
USC -13.5
Oklahoma -6.5
Virginia Tech -3.5
Rutgers -10
Bowling Green +5
OSU +4

Good luck!

Nev Nick said...

Sorry 'catmando', you put up a valiant effort my friend. However, if my calculations are are 17-9 so far with 4 to play and I am 19-7 with 4 to play and we both have the same 4 teams to end the bowl season. That would equal a victory for the Nickster if i'm not mistaken. You put up a good fight though. (On a side note i am 21-7 on the bowl season so far, which is pretty hard to contend with.)

Nev Nick said...

Make that 22-10 overall.

Heath Ledger said...

January 22, 2008

i've been waiting for a cursedcleveland update for so long now. It's not worth it anymore. I can't take this anymore. Everyday I check hoping for some witty humor that will help me get through the day. Everday I'm dissapointed... I just can't do this anymore...

Anonymous said...

you guys know each other huh. i see how it is. explains it all

eat a dick cav fans

nevada nick..what a douchebag taking it up the ass with his greek fellows

you guys are a fucking joke

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