Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cleveland Indians 2007 Preview

The Indians are a team picked by many pundits to be a first place caliber ball club. Quite frankly, (no pun intended to Steven A. Smith’s terrible show) this team has too many holes to finish atop the AL Central this year. With the unbalanced schedule, the Tribe will play the Tigers, White Sox, and Twins 19 times each. Each of these teams finished with at least 90 wins last year. Only the Twins seem be heading backwards while the White Sox and Tigers look even stronger this year. Some would be quick to say that that the Tribe also plays the Royals 19 times. Good point until you realize that they only went 10-8 against the hapless Royals and had a 4 game sweep in mid September when their postseason chances were done two months before.

The rotation is solid although Cliff Lee is this year’s award winner for starting pitcher to begin the season on the DL with an abdominal strain (CC, the previous 2 time award winner, has slimmed down to 320 lbs. The bullpen is old and injured, just the way Larry Dolan likes it. Roberto Hernandez is 42….literally 42, and will be our set up man for the 8th inning. Joe Borowoski has had a history of arm trouble in the past but have no worries Tribe fans, Keith Foulke should be able to come in if Borowoski falters. Nevermind, Keith’s elbow kinda hurt, and decided to call it a career. How he passed a physical, I have no idea (keep in mind, Borowski failed a physical in Philadelphia, that should make you feel better).

The outfield is dreadful outside of Sizemore and the infield is young and untested with the new additions of Josh Barfield, Andy Marte, and hopefully Ryan Garko at first base. Eric Wedge will need to get the Tribe off to a good start this year to have any chance of contending for the division. If not, Westbrook will be traded at the midseason deadline. Maybe Wedge can shave his now famous mustache during losing streaks to prevent further damage much like Larry Hughes takes off his headband when he’s 4-17 from the field (which is usually every other night). The team definitely has potential, but the lack of outfield production from Dellucci and Michaels is going to hurt this team….as well as Victor only throwing out 2% of runners trying to steal. My prediction: 84-78 Third place finish behind the White Sox and Tigers.

submitted by guest columnist Dave Catalano, who had grown frustrated with our lack of Indians coverage.


Trot Nixon said...

You forgot to mention me in the platoon.....I'm good for an extended stay on the DL as well.

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6 or 60 buddy....wow

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The team from Cleveland will win the AL Central.

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