Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Player of the Week

Cleveland's own Lebron James was named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week on Monday for the 10th time in his short career, after averaging 32.8 points per game during the Cavs 4-0 week. Every die-hard in Cleveland seems to be raving the the Cavs are "The hottest team in the league" and most of this is due to the rejuvenated play of the King (And just for the record, they are NOT the hottest team in the league, but yes they are playing their best ball of the year...let's not be so quick to put them up there with Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio). I'm fairly certain that the reason for the improved level of play is the fact that I bet someone at the beginning of the year that the Cavs wouldn't win over 50 games, and now they're doing everything in their power to make me lose that bet.
The Cavs have a pretty good shot at catching the Pistons over the next week or so, as their schedule is favorable and Detroit is on a road trip out West. The Wine & Gold will host the Kings this evening, and according to my sources (I don't have any sources), security will be bulked up to accomodate the hosting of the NBA's favorite criminal Ron Artest (Anyone else glad we didn't trade for Bibby after seeing the way these guys are playing with Hughes at the point?). Again, congratulations are certainly in order for winning not only this award from the NBA, but also the Guy Who Finally Located His Sack Award from CursedCleveland.com.
photo courtesy of interbasket.net


lebron's unborn baby said...

I sure hope my dad is better at pulling off the one seed than pulling out of my mom.

Anderson said...

LeBron, you know I love you. But if you EVER stare at me the way you did after the Pacers game, I will morph into my other personality "Side Show Bob."

Bonecrusher said...

You don't lose that bet if they get to 50 wins, only if they to 55, which will not happen even though we all want it to. Go Cavs, its about time LBJ got his shit straight. He wasn't going to beat Detroit training in da pool.

Mark Price said...

He still sucks at free throws

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