Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In the News

Did you guys know that Mike Bibby was almost a Cav? Branson Wright's on top of this one. OK, even without another King

See, even Greg Oden knows he's not dominating. Ohio State's Oden ignores hoopla

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ron Lewis will be getting NBA looks when all is said and done. Flash back in Lewis' dash

The Browns hired a marketing guy, I guess 4-12 isn't as marketable as it used to be. Ex-IMG CEO Kain named vice chairman

"That's why I feel like I'm not necessarily a platoon guy," - Casey Blake. Well he's accurate, he's not just a platoon guy, he's a shitty platoon guy. Blake's a full-time pro with part-time respect

The only place in Ohio where Thad Matta is hated. Matta's gone, not forgotten in Cincinnati


Freida Falcon said...

Ron Lewis from THEE Bowling Green State University.

Anonymous said...

the only thing good about bowling green is ......

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