Friday, March 23, 2007

23 or 24?

In lieu of Kobe's recent run, which by the way is probably the most impressive 3-game run in recent basketball history (and oh yea they've won all 3 games), we here at figured it was time to do a little comparison of Lebron and without further ado here we go:
Outside Game: Lets keep in mind that LeBron is not even through his fourth year of play, and let me also say that we are more than thrilled to have LeBron in Cleveland, and that we are well aware that our franchise lays primarily within his wings. That being said, Kobe Bryant is far and away a better shooter than LeBron, and the big argument is that Kobe wasn't as good as LeBron at this point in their respective careers. Well, Kobe did average 22.5 pts, 6 rebounds and 5 assists a game in his fourth year, while winning an NBA championship and shooting 46% from the floor and 83% from the foul line. LeBron, so far this year, is averaging 27 pts, 7 rebounds and 6 assists a game, while shooting 48% from the floor and a miserable 69% from the foul line. Yes we know Kobe played with a dominant Shaq at that time, however his supporting cast is average at best now, and you have to wonder if LeBron will ever be able to take over a game from the outside like Kobe does on a nightly basis shooting jumpers that have a ridiculous degree of difficulty...Edge: Kobe Bryant.
Inside Game: Lebron can get to the basket whenever he wants...but isn't that the problem considering he often seems content hoisting up bad shots and fadeaways that simply aren't a strong suit of his? Does anyone else notice that if 'Bron makes one jumper, he launches another on the next possession without fail? Kobe doesn't go to the basket quite as much as he used to, but when he does he is very efficient and is still on of the most dynamic dunkers in the game (stay tuned,our staff is in the process of compiling a dunkers analysis). LeBron is simply unstoppable in the paint, and at some times so is Kobe - who is the superior post-up player, however we have got to give the edge to LeBron here...Edge: LeBron(When he wants it).



Anonymous said...

how can you even compare the two? Kobe Bryant is hands down the best player in the NBA, maybe the best to ever play the game, with D-Wade second and Lebron may not even be the clearcut 3rd best in the league

Labron Fan said...

Dear Writer - U make many great points about Kobe - I think he is a great player and would love to have him on my team any day of the week. He can flat out play and flat out score. What i disagree on is the fact that Kobe has one several Championships - But he had Shaq Daddy - Prob one of the most dominate players of all time. So to add a player of Kobe's Stature is a no brainer and thats why they won those Championships. But what has Kobe done since - he's barley made it out of the first round on his own. So if he's so great he could over come his teams lack of talent and carry them to the promice land. All those points and numbers he racks up are worthless in my eye's - stats don't win you games. So, If Labron had Shaq in his prime - then it would be Labron and Shaq winning all of those Championships. Numbers to me do not mean didily poo (Jim Mora reference) So until either Kobe or Labron win a championship without a great player next to them, there really is no argument! Labron is the King! I would take him all day long over Kobe. So please rewrite your article and appoligize to him. Thank you!

Larry Hughes said...

Yeah but Kobe doesn't have to deal with me going 2-19 from the floor every night.

E-Snow said...

Kobe also doesn't have to deal with me getting 2+ layups blocked a night

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