Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In the News

The Garko headline in the PD today is Making his first catch. hasn't spent much time in Winterhaven this season, but if that headline is accurate, his defense has been even worse than we thought.

Grady Sizemore now batting .130 (although how can I make fun, I couldn't even hit that well when I played T-Ball by myself). Tribe Insider

Browns sign Lenny Friedman...for what? They need another lawyer? Friedman rejoins Browns

Windhorst is blaming Mike Brown for last night's loss. Right Brian, it was Mike Brown who told Sasha to turnover the ball in regulation, and it was Brown who told LeBron to needlessly drive inside when he could have pulled the ball out late, and it was definitely Mike Brown who told LeBron to shoot a contested 28-footer with Matt Carroll in his face as time expired. Windhorst Blog

I guess the NBA is in no hurry to bring in an undersized point guard who can't shoot...this must be the first time ever. Conley staying

Paying his debt to society, or paying his debt to his bookies? TV station gambles on host has supposedly overtaken in traffic. Any coincidence that this occurs after launches? I think not.


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