Thursday, March 22, 2007

What to Watch

OSU vs Tennessee 9:57 CBS
Aladome - San Antonio Texas

I'm a little nervous. I know I know, we've won 19 in a row and, we've had our signature close call in the tournament that's supposed to guarantee a national championship or something, oh yeah, and we have the dominating Greg Oden.

Here's what I'm a little nervous. Firstly, everyone knows we dodged a gigantic bullet in early January against this exact same Volunteer team. There were some iffy circumstances towards the end of that game, including a missed free throw late by their best player Chris Lofton (his teammates have been calling him "Buckeye" ever since. Think that might be a story line tonight?), and a missed out-of-bounds call that could have cost OSU the game. Bruce Pearl has been overly flattering of late with his OSU comments; "They've not broken out yet, they've not had that breakout game that we all know they're capable of."

Either way, the Buckeyes just flat-out did not handle their pressure well in the first meeting, yet Oden had his "breakout" game, by all accounts. Many Volunteers (like Lofton) did not have very good individual games. By the way, Mike Tirico just picked UT, for whatever that's worth. By the way, Tennessee generally has the more attractive cheerleaders, with the exception of this one.


pokey chatman said...

Pat Summitt looks good to me, a little old though.

Rabbi Tuckman said...

why doesn't the jew write anymore?

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