Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In the News

All jokes aside, the Tribe is sending guys down to AAA who have pitched 14 innings w/o giving up a run this spring. Making a pitch

Wedge's daughter takes first steps...and is already a more accomplished base-stealer than three-fourths of the Tribe. And yes, she does have a mustache. Indians notes

Now you can finally see how crappy and overpriced your Cavs seat is...ahead of time! Cavs Seat Viewer

Buckeye fans have been openly questioning Matta's X's and O's all season. Probably why he's outsourced that part of the job to his assistant. Groce most likely next on Matta coaching tree

I like Bruce Drennan - and the points. Prison term humbles broadcaster Bruce Drennan

Excellent rundown by Patrick McManamon on the Browns last three free agency years. Browns keep shelling out upfront for free agents

The Big Ten hasn't done so well in the tourney. (What's worse is that there's actually 11 teams!) With lack of talented players, Big Ten goes on death March

WWE wrestlers on HGH (The Hurricane? Are you serious, he should be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau). Wrestlers allegedly tied to drug ring


Ben said...

as long as Ohio State makes the Final Four, who cares about the rest of the conference. I hate all those teams and hope they lose. I would never root for Ohio State's rivals.

Like the losers who root for Michigan in the bowl games because of "conference pride" and because they say it makes the conference looks better. Who cares? I hate Michigan and would never want them to win.

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