Monday, March 19, 2007

Technically Dolan Wasn't Lying...

In an interview last year with Terry Pluto of the ABJ, Indians Team President Paul Dolan made it crystal clear the Indians would be spending more this season on their team payroll. The figure bandied about was "north of $60 million." Ladies and gentleman, the Indians 2007 payroll: $61.5 million. I guess Lakeside is "north" of St. Clair too, but either way, you're still in Cleveland and your life probably sucks.

Probably not surprising to any of Dolan's critics, but the Tribe's payroll is 24th in baseball ($1.5 million ahead of the Royals, $120.5 behind the Yankees). Now to be fair, it would have been $5 million higher had Keith Foulke not retired. Then again, some might argue that giving money to guys that are literally at the end of their career is not exactly good money management. At least they launched their own TV network which should enhance their revenue streams. Even if it should be dubbed "Sports(Some)Time(S) Ohio."


Ben said...

I heard some of the operators of this site were out of control this weekend and throwing lawn chairs.

Anonymous said...

Dolan is so cheap, I heard he couldn't pay for his dad's funeral.

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