Monday, March 19, 2007

In the News

When Sabathia was asked if negotiations were going on, he said, "Bro, I'm so far removed from that." So Sabathia is keeping away from the negotiating table...I'll tell you one table he can't stay away from...OK, too easy. Tribe, Westbrook commence contract talks

Has an NBA team ever had an entire roster playing at peak performance at the same time? (Keeping in mind that Damon Jones is now a coach...not a player) Ilgauskas starts to step up game

All of a sudden, the Cavs have a bright future. Good luck signing AV, Gibson and Pavs in the next two years. Former excuse is now strength

OSU sure looked dominating in overtime. (And, for all the fans calling for an intentional foul at the end of regulation; the Xavier staff wasn't calling for one - they were just crossing their arms in the 'X' motion to make sure everyone knew where they came from). Oden on bench sits well

Tony Shipp wants his grandmother to see him pitch this spring. I hear Roberto Hernandez wants his great grandchildren to show up as well. Reliever wants his grandma in stands

A critique on the tourney coverage
(Yet no mention of why the HD feed was all over the place on CBS this weekend).

Phil Jackson was wrong, it appears Jesus Christ could resurrect the Lakers, he scored a ton again. Kobe first Laker since 1962 with back-to-back 50-point games

Bad news AOL stalkers, now those unsuspecting girls will know exactly where you're located. AOL introduces location plug-in for IM


Cirino said...

What about adultfriendfinder? Any tracker on that? Please god no.

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