Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well call me f*ck*ng Nostradamus, the Cavs went ahead and blew a 13 point halftime lead against the second-worst team in the East tonight after I stupidly talked them up in last night's article (Oh yea, Detroit won tonight as well). Keep in mind that Emeka Okafor, Brevin Knight, Sean May and Derek Anderson were all inactive tonight, leaving coach Bernie Bickerstaff with a gaggle of hideously ugly white boys to work with this evening (Anyone else feel like they were watching a John Carroll University game with all these long haired, silly looking lacrosse players on the floor?). Walter Herrmann showed the ability to knock down wide open three pointers repeatedly tonight, and apparently the Cavs didn't figure out that someone should guard this guy after the first few went down (He wins the Brian Skinner award for the most average player to look like an All-Star against the Cavs tonight). Apparently Michael Jordan is a solid judge of talent, as Matt Carroll seems to be a gritty competitor, although I wouldn't have said this had Scott Williams not talked about it 3,000 times during the game (Think it's time to get off Michael's nuts Scott? Nah let's play out the fact that you played a very insignificant role on those championship teams for a few more years).
Lebron played a great game, and was practically the only offensive presence for the Cavs in the second half...however the inability to make free throws and smart decisions down the stretch offset the 37 points and didn't allow the good guys to come out on top. I doubt that Mike Brown told Lebron to fire up a fadeaway three pointer when we had seven seconds to win the game in regulation, but hey if that goes in I suppose I'm writing a positive article instead of this one (Also, it didn't even look like he got that shot off in time, and even though that is irrelevant now, how can that happen in that situation? Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Did he really get locked down by Matt Carroll?).
Perhaps they were looking ahead to the Mavs tomorrow, although this is an overplayed excuse and I don't even want to discuss it any further. Drew Gooden came out tonight and scored two points, and perhaps this was his response to me talking him up this weekend for his recent solid play (Cavs players love to play awful games whenever I say anything positive about them...so I guess I'll stop doing that). Donyell Marshall made me sick tonight, going 0-3 from deep and continuing the be the slowest, most unathletic man on the Earth. Perhaps there's a reason why his minutes have diminished, and in my opinion this guy should sit at the end of the bench and smirk at coach Brown like he seems to do every time he gets taken out of a game.
Eric Snow played a solid defensive game, and in speaking with my fellow CursedCleveland.com author SportsBoyTony, we feel he should get some serious consideration for All-NBA First Team defensive honors at the point guard position. Jason Kidd won the award last year, however can he lock down 3 different positions in crunch time like Snow can? We think not! It's not the end of the world, however you can't hope to win the top spot in the Eastern Conference losing games to the hapless Bobcats. Tomorrow night's game will be broadcasted on ESPN, so look for a big game from Lebron, and perhaps his supporting cast won't take another night off like they did this evening.
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The Jokester said...

And how about LeBron getting the ball after the Bobcat turnover and inexplicably sprinting towards the basket with 36 seconds left when he obviously should have obviously pulled out. But then again, his girlfriend's second pregnancy clearly indicates he has trouble pulling it out when it counts.

the nba playoffs said...

tooooooo lonnnng. I am going out on a limb and saying not one cursedcleveland.com reader got through this entire article.

Bill Simmons' Basketball Blog said...

I got through it..it was fine.

CursedCleveland Reader said...

I got through it too.

King Nick said...

I'd love to hear Mike Brown during the timeout with 7.5 seconds to go in the game and our ball. "Alright fellas here's what we got to do. Bron you take the ball, dribble at the top of the key until there's .1 on the clock and then fire up a 3 with a hand right in your face. Try to make it so you almost don't even get the shot off in time. Alright? Now let's get out there, Team on 3, 1, 2, 3 TEAM!"

Bonecrusher said...

The loss was on the players but Mike Brown had his worst game of the year as coach with a complete misuse of his timeouts throughout the game and i am a huge Mike Brown fan.
He made a good move playing Snow but the only guy who played average to well last night was Z, even LBJ's shot selection was bad, and the team defense got worse as the game went on.

And BSmith, (you know I have to do this to you) I know Boozer is a worse player than Gooden, but Carlos ONLY had like 24 and 21 last night.

Go Cavs/Bucks

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