Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cleveland Is Miserable, Even With LeBron

In case their were still any doubters left, Forbes has confirmed what Karl Malone, Gary Miller, and thousands of other college degree-holding northeast Ohioans already know: Cleveland is a miserable city

In a rare Forbes piece that actually references an African American (that would be like Slam Magazine doing a feature on a Jewish American that's not an agent or commissioner), the author explains why Cleveland (#4) is on equal footing with Stockton California and Flint, Michigan:

"Only Denver gets socked with more snow than Cleveland's 52-inch annual average among the 50 largest metros. Clevelanders wait in fear for July 1, 2010, when hoops star LeBron James can switch teams as a free agent."

Great, so Forbes joins ESPN, the entire New York media, and Maverick Carter as those that think LeBron is a goner. By the way, will someone tell all these websites that do lists like "Most educated cities" and "Best towns to meet singles" that you're allowed to list all the cities on one page. Not like CursedCleveland.com is the paragon of website design (although our new relaunch is coming soon), but nobody wants to tediously scroll through each page just to see your not-so-comprehensive list, unless teens on toilets are involved (just make sure to set a system restore point before you go on that scavenger hunt).


Tara said...

Does LeBron still want to be the richest man in the world? B/c once the guy sets his mind to something (shooting 80% from the free throw line, having a sober mother), he always makes it happen..hmm.

Anonymous said...

You guys are drinking the haterade. Go on, keep hatin!! U'll see!

Anonymous said...

Did Maverick Carter really say something about this?

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