Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introducing: The Alyssa Milano Collection

Are you a Cleveland girl who enjoys munilot drunken dabauchery? Do you have a yearning for a three-four defensive scheme featuring zero playmakers at the LB position? Have you hooked up with Braylon Edwards after a night out at XO? Has Ryan Tucker thrown you through a window in a fit of roid rage? Then Alyssa Milano's new "Touch" Collection featured in the Cleveland Browns gift shop is for you.

Considering the unorthodox way the Browns coach actually hired the GM, it's fitting that when fans pose the inevitable question of "Who's the Boss?", they'll be sporting apparel from the catalogue of a former cast member! The name of the new couture label itself ("Touch") might appear to be at odds with the throwing style of starting quarterback Derek Anderson. It does however properly describe the method by which the Browns defense attempts to tackle.

Sizes available are (S) (M) (L) and (RAC).


Jim in Shaker Heights / Near Cleveland said...

Just in case Danny Pintauro "comes out" with a copycat clothing line, I just went to and try to buy BFG.Com "Browns For Gays" or "Browns Faggot Gear". Either way my futile attempt was thwarted by some little girl named Sophie and a non-people eating Giant.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad she had all her tattoo’s covered up. That's not the image I want woman Brown's fans to portray. Thanks Alyssa.

guo hu said...

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