Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So Much for that Chip on Mo Williams' Shoulder

Indiana - It's been a devastating week for the Cavaliers, who've lost Aleksandar Pavlovic, who were beaten a second time by the Lakers, who might not have the lock anymore on a LeBron MVP, and who now don't have all that contrived motivation working for them that comes with sending only one player to the all-star game

Yep, Mo Williams is now a full-fledged all-star now that Chris Bosh is out with an injury (similar to when I became a student council rep after four kids died in my graduating class). We're wondering why Tony Allen wasn't considered. Oh and there goes my joke about Mike Brown getting in all his all-stars...now that he really does have two options. The real question, will Williams be able to get off any shots while LeBron is taking his customary all-star total of 24 shots.

EDIT - Oh and notice that the photographer was not about to wait even another second for Mo to look up at the camera.


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Who is that hottie?

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