Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Agent Zero Rips LeBron

"LeBron Bashing;" it seems to be a growing trend in the local media (See Branson Wright, Brian Windhorst,, Now other star players are getting into the act, such as Hibachi himself.

"The guy LeBron needs is Sam Cassell," says Arenas, "He needs someone who wants to take the big shots at the end of the game." I interject that LeBron would never stand for that -- it would kill his ego. "LeBron would much rather have Cassell take the final shot," says Arenas. "People don't realize that LeBron doesn't want it." - DCS ports Blog

Wow, Sam-I-Am getting more fanfare than LeBron. Perhaps the "King" will be launching his own revenge tour. Only instead of scoring 50 on an opponent, he'll try to make at least 50% from the foul line.


lebron jr. said...

big words from a guy to couldn't put in a couple of free throws to extend the playoffs for his team.

Anonymous said...

checked out, man she's hot

LeBron's Henchman said...

A Guy hits a couple of game winners in some meaningless games against meaningless teams and all of a sudden he's the second coming of MJ and is now going around throwing comments around like people actually care. Until I see agent zero dethrone the King, I don’t want to see a quote from him again degrading the King!

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