Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cavs Express Interest in Winning

CLEVELAND, OHIO- According to, the Cavaliers contacted the Nets to express their interest in point guard Jason Kidd. Apparently the Cal-alum is a lot smarter than we thought (Although his new free throw routine where he signals his now ex-wife to kiss his ass is pretty clever), as according to reports if he had the chance to play with Kobe or Lebron, he'd clearly rather play with the guy who's won 3 rings (I forgot to mention that the Lakers are rumored to be very interested in Kidd). It's actually shocking to me that this guy would chose to play in L.A. over let's quickly weigh his options. With him being a single guy, who doesn't think the [fat] women of Cleveland are hotter than the models that frequent the L.A. clubs? Let's not even mention the weather, the basketball tradition, the celebrity fans and the fact that Kobe is the best thing the NBA has to offer. On the other hand, we have a team with a gay-bashing 22 year old who can't make a free throw, a crowd that rarely stands up (Unless, of course, the Cavs have just reached 100 points and they get the free Chalupa) and a coach who needs a spitter but doesn't dip (Or run effective offensive sets). Welcome to L.A. Jason Kidd!
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L Brammer KSU07 said...

Jason Kidd looks like a creep. Speaking about creeps, I had a creepy guy try to hook up with me this past weekend and So i just locked him out of my room right after he went looking for me.

Love the site Boys!!!!

Anonymous said...

the cavs have a great fan base and the fans are great. try going to a playoff game and then say we aren't good fans.

Anonymous said...

Last guy was an idiot. everyone looks like they have great fans in the playoffs. The heat have one of the worst fan bases in the NBA...but come playoff time they provided a great homecourt advantage. Also...the cavs are a distant third in this overrated sports town.

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