Monday, February 12, 2007

Stephen Jackson Could Never Work in Waste Management

Where I come from, the term "dump" typically applies to the location where my garbage is disposed, or what happens when I get a little too attached to my internet girlfriends. But for Stephen Jackson, the term takes on an entirely new meaning, at least where he comes from. According to the A.P. report
Jackson testified that when he was walking from the club to his car, a man approached him shouting, "dump, dump!'"

"Where I'm from, 'dump' means pull out your gun and shoot," he said.

For the Cavaliers sake, let's hope the next time the Warriors come to Cleveland, there's no talk of Ferry needing to "dump" any salaries.


Anonymous said...

I like to read this site when i'm taking a "dump." It passes the time by.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Jackson is a punk

King Nick said...

If by dump you mean being an idiot, overpaid, bad basketball player than yea, "dump, dump."

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