Thursday, February 15, 2007

Juiced: Fast Times, Fast Cars and Oxygenates in the Fuel Tank

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Daytona Beach- According to, Nascar has entered the age of juicing. Obviously we are not talking about the athletes themselves juicing (actually they are not athletes but we can debate that some other time), but they are actually juicing their cars. Michael Waltrip was back on the track three days after his crew chief and competition director were suspended indefinitely after an unspecified substance was found in his engine.

"I said yesterday I want to go home and they said, 'You've got to stay and race. That's what you do," Waltrip said. Waltrip was referring to his wife, manufacturer, sponsor and NASCAR president Mike Helton's urging for him to continue with the race. I personally have a little integrity and have pledged I will no longer be buying NAPA power steering fluid, transaxle bearings, CV driveshafts or U-joints even though that stuff makes my 4-cylinder Honda Civic purr like a kitten.

Waltrip went on further to explain his embarassment:

"I'm probably the most depressing guy you'll ever see make the Daytona 500," said Waltrip. Waltrip recalled his 9-year old daughter asking his wife on Monday night "why daddy cheated?" He then told reporters they could ask any questions they want because "you can't hurt me any worse than I am right now."

You have to feel for the guy when his kids get involved and I'm sure being a NASCAR father isn't easy so I have to give him credit. It has to be tough to explain to your little girl why all daddy's fans smell like piss, vinegar and old socks. And I know there is nothing more thrilling for a 9-year old girl than going to the track and watching her father have about a 10%-15% chance of dying in a ball of flames. I'm sure a charred racing suit would earn her street cred on "Show and Tell Fridays" though.


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nascar sucks

Brooks said...

these are very athletic people. If not nascar, they could be playing professional sports else where!

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Not funny

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Anonymous, try using a name when you post. And post something funny. I like how you post stop with nascar, no one cares........And you follow it up with nascar sucks, that one hits hard.

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