Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No -Star Weekend?

LAS VEGAS, NV - So when did the usually glamorous NBA All-Star game morph itself into the NFL Pro Bowl? Guys are pulling out faster than...wait a second, can't go with an NBA sex joke because as everyone knows, NBA players don't believe in pulling out EVER. We go from Steve Nash, AI, Kidd, Yao and Boozer to Mehmet Okur, Chucky Atkins, Bo Outlaw, Rasual Butler and Melvin Ely (Boozer does know the game's not in Cleveland right?). The "Surreal Life Season 3" had more stars. Incidentally, the cast for season 7 will include Phil Helmuth, Miss Cleo, Macho Man and Carrot Top, among others. So it begs the question: Who wins in a Texas Hold'em battle between Helmuth, Cleo and Carrot Top? One would think Miss Cleo could summon her phony psychic powers, while an argument could be made that Carrot Top could develop some kind of zany device that would be short on humor, yet useful for poker cheating.


Tim Rychel said...

Wow, when I read the headline and started through the paragraph I never thought it would have gone in that direction.

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